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I’m happy to offer freelance editing. I work with MG, YA, and Adult.

Why hire me? I’m an editorial assistant at Entangled Publishing. One of my responsibilities is reading submissions, so I know what it takes for a manuscript to stand out in the slush pile. I also write reader reports where I evaluate the strength and weaknesses of a manuscript, and help edit the work of our authors. Before joining Entangled, I interned at a literary agency.  In 2018, I became a YA mentor for Pitch Wars.

I’d love the opportunity to work with you and make your manuscript shine.

To learn more about my qualifications, you can check the About Me section.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you’re not sure we’d be a good fit, I’m happy to do a sample edit of your first three pages

I can’t wait to start working with you!


Query & Synopsis

Query Critique: 10$.

Synopsis Critique: 20$.

Query + Synopsis Critique: 25$.


First Chapter (up to 3,000 words): 30$

First 50 pages: 60$


Big Picture Edit: I will read through your entire manuscript and provide a 1-2 page edit letter describing the overall strengths, weaknesses and big picture issues of your manuscript.

200$ < 50K

250$ < 60K

300$ < 70K

350$ < 80K

400$ < 90K

 450$ < 100K

Content Editing: This will include an edit letter as well as comments within your manuscript. There is a focus on character motivations and arcs (do they grow? are they fully fleshed?), plot and plot holes, pacing, tension, repetition, phrasing, areas that needs work, and suggestions for improvement.

400$ < 50K

450$ < 60K

550$ < 70K

650$ < 80K

750$ < 90K

 800$ < 100K


With a background in writing and editorial, Hoda immediately understood the heart of my story. She not only bolstered the strengths in my writing (character and dialogue), but she also improved my weaknesses (pacing and plot). Even though I had taken several writing courses, Hoda was the first writing coach that explained everything in a way that just clicked. After revising the Big Picture elements, we worked on refining the prose and now I finally understand what “filtering” means! Within a few months of working with her, Hoda transformed my manuscript into what will be my debut novel. I will never write another book without her, and I cannot wait for her feedback on my sophomore novel! — Jessica Parra, author of Rubi Ramos’s Recipe for Success (2023)

Working with Hoda was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. She was passionate about my book and understood both its strengths and its pitfalls. Her edit letter read like a road map to make my book exactly what I’d hoped. Hoda helped me with everything from big-picture edits, including identifying plot holes and character problems that CPs and betas had missed, to line edits. She has a keen eye for crutch words and overused phrases, and helped me weave in emotion more smoothly. The lessons she taught me have served me well in future projects, and I’m a much stronger writer because of Hoda.

– Lyssa Mia Smith, author of Revelle (2023)

Hoda’s edits were spot on, and she was able to get at the heart of the story with only a few chapters and gave notes on big picture stuff with far reaching implications for the entire novel. Her edits were exactly what I was looking for.

– Bridgette Johnson, author

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